In the works for January

This month, I’m knitting socks.  Well, a pair of socks, anyway.  I stressed myself out knitting gifts for Christmas this year, so I decided that I’m doing socks for Christmas 2012, at least for my family, and for my husband’s as well if he wants me to.  By starting now, I can do a pair a month and still be done by mid-summer.  Plenty of time for emergencies, and lower stress next Christmas!  Here’s hoping I stick with it.

Of course, that can’t be the only thing ticking in my brain, especially when Second Sock Syndrome starts to set in (I’m almost finished with Sock #1).  My husband asked for handwarmers that incorporate an ammonite shape, to coordinate with the Trilobite hat I knit him a few years ago.  I’ve got the ammonite shaping section done–a maze of cables and knitting into lower rows–it’s just time to test knit it myself, get someone else to test knit it, and do that pesky math thing to make it a glove instead of a cable chart.  The design also involves quite a bit of purling, so I might see if I can work out how to knit it inside out and turn it later.

I’m planning to test-knit it as a woman’s glove first, so keep an eye out for that sometime in the next few days.  The pattern should have numbers to fit an average man’s or woman’s hand.

Also percolating at the back of my brain: Trilobite handwarmers (will need to scale down the hat trilobite), colorwork sock designs based on writing spiders or Perlid stoneflies, natural dying with onion skins, and Tipula-shaped tube socks.


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