Monthly Archives: March 2012

Knitpicks Independent Designer!

I’m so excited!  I just got approved to publish a pattern through the Knitpicks Independent Designer program.  It’s the pattern for a diagonal scarf that I first made in Mini Mochi back in 2009; I think it’ll look great in Knitpicks Chroma.  Several people have commented on my project asking for the pattern and I’ve finally got around to it!  I’m aiming for publication in late April.

As a preview, here’s the original scarf in Mini Mochi:



Testing, testing

The ammonite glove pattern is in testing right now! So far my test knitters have done a great job and uncovered a few things I missed, as well as producing fantastic work. One tester suggested that I should design a scarf and/or hat with the same pattern, so that’s in the works and hopefully will follow shortly thereafter. The goal is to have testing finishd by the end of March, so the pattern should be up the first week of April, and the hat pattern hopefully a few weeks later.

Pattern: Little Lace Bag of Holding

This little dice bag was created to match my personal RPG dice collection, which no one else is allowed to roll.  I had to have something to match!  It’s a neat little pattern, holds more than it may appear, and is a great way to use leftover sock yarn.  Click the button to buy for $2!

Pattern: Support Twist Mitts

I find that my hands get tired when I knit or crochet for a long time, so I designed these gloves to be quite tight, and support the hand during crafting. The cotton in the yarn increases this capacity, while the wool allows it enough stretch to have good stitch definition and to fit the hand. A simple cable on the back of each hand adds interest to the knitting.

This pattern is available for $2 USD, and can be purchased by clicking the button below.